We Will Buy Your House with Water Damage and Mold in San Antonio, TX Fast!

san antonio water damage and mold

Closing a deal on a home with a history of water or mold issues can take more time, money, and effort than it makes sense to spend while trying to profit from your damaged property you no longer need. Is there an alternative way to make the sale smoother?

What to Expect While Trying to Sell Your House with Black Mold or Water Damage

Properties with water damage or toxic black mold scare off buyers who are looking for a new house to call home.

As a rule, selling a house means employing a realtor to help you close a deal. Realtors themselves cost you money, and they also require you to pay for water damage repairs, mold tests, inspections, and remediation not only with your money, but also with your time and emotional well-being.

Only mold regrowth prevention can include repairs of plumbing, HVAC insulation and even installation of additional equipment such as a dehumidifier. Such measures tack on the time it takes to profit from your home. Considering how many properties in good condition are available on the real estate market of such a large city as San Antonio, it’s almost impossible to sell your property traditionally without spending a substantial amount of time and money first.

Unfortunately, your home’s repair history will still turn most buyers away from your property even after you’ve made the necessary repairs. Because buyers will fear that issues will reoccur, your home can stay sitting on the market for more than a year.

A Different Approach

But there is good news. If you’re facing the difficulties of turning a profit from a home damaged by water or infested with mold, you don’t have to suffer the downsides of selling traditionally. Homeowners in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas can take advantage of an alternative route that makes the real estate transaction process simple and straightforward. By selling to a company that buys houses for cash, you trade your home for money fast and with no strings attached. The real estate investors of San Antonio Cash Home Buyers have decades of experience in providing the best quality home buying service for homeowners with water damaged properties like yours.

How You Benefit from Selling to Our Company

You Walk Away With Cash

As a company that buys houses for cash, we guarantee that you can expect to be handed your home’s value in stacks of green or the full amount in your bank account. We don’t ask for a mortgage or another inconvenient ways to pay you for selling us your property.

You Don’t Wait for Ages

You don’t have to wait months to close a deal. We save you from worrying about repairs or remodeling, which means you already save time. With us you don’t need to negotiate with the buyers and their real estate agents, who are taking their time to continue shopping around, keeping you in uncertainty.

You can receive your all-cash offer the same or the next day from our visit, and get your cash In 3 to 30 days from then. We recognize that a shorter timeline is a better timeline when it comes to receiving what you’re entitled to. That’s why we put in the work to provide you with a quick sale and your profit as soon as possible.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

We make selling your home simple by never throwing surprise expenses your way. When you sell your home to us, you won’t see any closing costs, commissions, or unwelcome fees pop up in paperwork or in your mailbox. Instead, you can expect to freely and confidently enjoy your cash offer however you see fit.

AS-IS Sale

We’ll make an offer on your home in its current condition. No matter if your home has mildewed walls, flooded rooms, water or mold in the basement, or other issues. Even if mold caused structural damage to your property, selling to San Antonio Cash Home Buyers means you never have to pay repair or remodeling costs. Our real estate investors would be happy to assess your property to present you with a win-win solution that saves you from having to spend your own money to sell your old home.

Customer Care

Not only do we have a reputation for providing homeowners with a fast, reliable real estate transaction, but we also value our high standards for welcoming, friendly services. We make it our mission to reinvigorate our clients and provide homeowners with a selling experience that leaves each person feeling confident after closing a great deal. Unlike other companies that only value properties to make profit from, we value you as well as our client and a person.

More Helpful Information

I want to sell a home destroyed by water after a flood and infested with mold. How do I do it?

When you’re trying to sell a house with water damage due to a flood or broken plumbing, selling your home traditionally means that you are tasked with organizing and financing expensive repairs and preventive measures yourself, or with the help of your insurance company if you are lucky. Additionally, you also have to pay for the service of your real estate agent, the buyer’s real estate agent and any unexpected expenses that come up. A house that has been flooded, has a wet basement, or has experienced similar issues in the past can be a notorious hard sell just because of its extensive repair history. Ultimately, you can be kept waiting for an offer that never comes.

But fortunately, you don’t have to sell your damaged home traditionally if you need to sell it quickly. Instead, you can sell your property As Is to a company of real estate investors that buys houses. This way you will save yourself from paying for repairs, close a deal normally in a couple of weeks and get paid in cash.

Is it better to disclose all problems with my house caused by mold, pipe leaks or ground water flooding in Texas?

Because you simply want to sell your home for a fair price, necessary disclosures can feel like the enemy. This is especially true when your property’s dirty laundry scares away potential buyers. Since Texas law requires you to be upfront about the damage history, existing issues that can be discovered by a reasonable investigation must be made known to the buyer in order for a fair offer to be made on the property. These requirements include disclosing water damage, past flooding, and the presence of toxic mold. While being entirely honest may not feel like it is in your best interest, it is better to follow Texas disclosure laws instead of risking the consequences of doing otherwise. Not disclosing a leaky basement, hiding that there’s black mold in the house you’re listing for sale or a similar problem can result in a lawsuit months and even years after the property is sold.

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