Rid Yourself of Worries when Selling a Rental Property with Sitting Tenants in San Antonio, Texas

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Selling a tenanted house can be a long and difficult process. Few buyers are interested in residences with tenants in place, and current renters can complicate your selling efforts. But there are ways you can skip the hassle and sell a condo, duplex, or other rental property with tenants fast.

How to Sell a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ

Top 3 Options for Landlords Selling Their Tenanted House

#1 Sell Once the Lease Has Expired

If you’re a landlord selling your house with tenants, you can wait for the lease to expire to sell your property. However, this option assumes you don’t have a pressing deadline to beat.

When you don’t have tenants in the home, you can work on your own schedule to repair property defects, stage the residence for buyers and tours, and schedule viewings without fear of tenants refusing showings. Also, you skip the headaches of the eviction process.

#2 Consider Tenant Eviction

Landlords can sometimes successfully evict tenants when selling a house. By removing sitting tenants, you avoid wasting time until the lease expires, and you can more conveniently fix up and market your property.

However, the lease and local laws could make eviction more trouble than it’s worth. Even if bad tenants can’t consistently make rent, you may not have a case for eviction. Even then, many landlords must give residents 30 to 60 days of a notice, which can eat up valuable time.

#3 Make the Sale while Tenants Are Still in the Home

Selling a property with sitting tenants is possible, but it can be a complicated ordeal.

Renters can make scheduling repairs difficult, and some won’t cooperate with showing the property. Additionally, few buyers are interested when terrible tenants are in residence.

The Company to Go for when Selling a House with Tenants in San Antonio, Texas

If you want to sell your house but have tenants on a lease, you can skip evicting renters, waiting weeks or months for tenants to move out, and conducting expensive property repairs by calling the best cash house buyers in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas. San Antonio Cash Home Buyers is only one call away from giving you an obligation-free offer and closing a fantastic deal with you.

Convenient Home Selling

Selling a home with tenants in situ usually means you must schedule multiple tours with your renters’ schedules in mind. If not, tenants could refuse showings. Meanwhile, we only need one quick visit to assess your property and make you an offer. Plus, we arrange all necessary paperwork for you.

Sell Quickly

San Antonio Cash Home Buyers understands that a speedy transaction can make a huge difference for property owners. We’re a fast-paced and reliable cash house buyer who typically closes deals on condos, duplexes, and other rental properties in 3 to 30 days, no matter the lease expiration date.

Get Cash Only for Your Property

When we make you an offer on your rental property, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of our deal not panning out because we couldn’t get mortgage approval. We have pre-approved funds, which means you can be confident that your money will be transferred to you lightning quick.

Forget About Repairs – We Purchase As Is

San Antonio Cash Home Buyers can make you an offer on your rental property no matter the defects or the cost of needed repairs. When you sell to us, you skip dealing with multiple property appraisals, repair requests, or any due diligence period. Instead, you easily exchange your house for cash.

Receive Promised Payment Without any Hidden Fees

Other selling methods will make you shell out your hard-earned money on underhanded paperwork fees, closing costs, and commissions, but not us! Our real estate transaction costs you absolutely nothing. This means you can exchange your tenanted house for a straightforward money amount without any fees subtracting from your cash.


Am I Expected to Send a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

Landlords selling a property with tenants in situ can have extra responsibilities, including notifying tenants of a property’s upcoming sale with a written letter.

When drafting this notice, you should include your tenants’ names, the date, the house’s address, and any relevant information. For example, state if there are scheduled showings, when the property will be listed, and what will happen following the property’s sale.

Making sure you’ve covered all bases to sell a property can be too demanding. Fortunately, San Antonio Cash Home Buyers does legwork like this for you, so your selling experience can be effortless and fast.

Any Ideas on How to Make Showing of My House with Tenants to Buyers Easier?

Showing a property with tenants in residence is best accomplished when renters are on the same page as you.

To avoid property tour complications, try scheduling showings to match your tenants’ schedules. Also, give renters notice of an upcoming showing at least 24 hours beforehand, and ask that tenants aren’t in the property when tours take place. To encourage tenants to cooperate, you could help renters find new living situations by directing them to local listings.

When you sell to San Antonio Cash Home Buyers, you’re one property visit away from receiving an obligation-free offer and closing a fast-moving deal.

What to Do if Tenants Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings?

In Texas, renters have exclusive possession rights unless their lease stipulates otherwise. Because of this, property owners do not always have a legal right to enter or give tours of an apartment or house. Simply put, it can be entirely legal for tenants to refuse viewings.

If you’re a landlord selling a tenanted house or rental property, you can avoid embarrassing and stressful inconveniences like renters refusing showings by selling to San Antonio Cash Home Buyers. We can make you an offer after one conveniently timed property visit. We’ll deal with difficult tenants ourselves, and you can enjoy your money.

How to Handle Tenants if They Destroyed My Rental Property?

Texas landlords have the right to force renters to pay for repairs when tenants damage or destroy a property, with the exception of section 8 tenants. You may sue renters to receive the funds necessary to repair your residence. If tenants have rendered your rental property inhabitable, you may sue those responsible for rent.

If bad tenants have destroyed your house and left your property in ruins, you can skip making repairs and get much-needed income quickly by closing a deal with San Antonio Cash Home Buyers. We’ll buy your property “As Is” and put cash in your hands fast.

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