How to Sell a Problem Run Down House As Is, in Any Condition Fast in San Antonio, TX

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When you want to use traditional means to sell a property that has seen better days, you likely can’t sell your house without footing the bill for expensive updates. Buyers often quickly pass over San Antonio homes in bad condition, and long repair histories of old houses also steer people away from making offers. If you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place with your fixer upper, take advantage of a great alternative selling option. For years, the real estate investors of San Antonio Cash Home Buyers have helped clients sell homes “as is” for much needed cash.

How You Benefit from Selling to Our Company

You Don’t Wait for Ages

Because we recognize that our clients need a fast and clear-cut profit, we take speed seriously. We put in the work to buy your run down house in as little as 3 to 30 days.

AS-IS Sale

As a company that buys houses in any condition, we will never stop before any needed repairs, no matter their amount. We have a long history of updating and renovating homes that have undergone a range of the most severe damages. Even if your house needs a lot of work, we would be happy to present you with an obligation-free cash offer within 24 hours after your property is assessed by our professional.

You Walk Away With Cash

Other buyers can make you wait weeks or months to close the sale and get the money you’re owed in exchange for your property. It’s because they need to get approved for a mortgage by a lender. Meanwhile, each of our clients can normally collect their all-cash profit in just a week or two after we visit your house to assess it. In under 72 hours after our contract is signed you get the cash you were promised in the offer.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Our process is transparent and straightforward, so we never surprise our clients with fees. Any expenses are included in the offer you receive. After we close our deal, your cash profit stays entirely yours.

Issues with Properties We Like to Buy (Just a Few!)

Devastating Fire

After a wildfire or house fire, your property can be in need of serious repairs and renovations that may be outside of your means to pay for. Especially considering that a fire can make valuable possessions and your finances go up in smoke, selling as is gives you the funds you need fast to start again without any unwanted stress or hassle.

Foundation Settlement, Cracks in Structure and Similar

Structural and foundation problems critically affect your home’s resale value and require repairs that can cost up to $10,000. In the past, we’ve purchased properties that would have been difficult houses to sell traditionally and handled fixing even the most serious issues ourselves. We buy damaged, unlivable, and ugly houses alike, so your house in need of structural or foundation repair won’t scare us off.

Mold, Flood, and other Types of Water Damage

On the traditional housing market, a flooded or moldy home can easily be seen as a junk house not worth making an offer on. Fixing mold and water damage, paying for inspections and prevention measures, that can even include HVAC upgrades, amount to a hefty sum that you might not be able to afford. Additionally, you may not have the time to make repairs yourself. When you sell to us, you skip having to arrange or pay for any repairs whatsoever.

Damage from Termites

When you can see termite damage, your property’s structure and value might have already taken a heavy hit. Considering that buyers worry about past issues popping up again, a house that comes with a termite history is a hard sell. Because we give you a way to sell your property in any condition it is in right now, you can avoid waiting months for a buyer or having to find the money needed to pay for inspections, exterminations, repairs, and similar costs.

Airborne Asbestos

Because it wasn’t always known that asbestos fibers can cause critical medical problems when breathed in, many older houses were fitted with asbestos siding and built with asbestos-containing products. In today’s housing market, buyers avoid homes with asbestos like the plague. Not only does asbestos show your property’s age, but you also have to pay for removal and inspections. Or, you could sell as is to us and let us handle all necessary updates while you enjoy your profit.

More Helpful Information

Do I need to make repairs when selling my house?

When you go FSBO or hire a realtor to sell your house, you sign up to arrange and fund necessary updates to increase your odds of finding a buyer sooner. If you don’t invest time, energy, and money into selling your home, you likely won’t see a profit for weeks or months.

The best alternative to traditional routes is to sell your property in its current condition to a real estate investor. You can collect a profit in days without any effort on your end no matter if your house needs a new roof or comes with serious damages. After purchasing your old house, the investor will see to making repairs themselves at their own expense.

Can someone sue me after I sell them my home?

The buyer can sue you and hold you responsible for paying for repairs if all known defects weren’t disclosed. Texas disclosure laws require you to be upfront about past and current issues. Your responsibility as the seller fairly and lawfully ends after closing if the buyer is made aware of all defects that can be found out by conducting an average investigation and you do not knowingly withhold any information. For this purpose you should sign a disclosure form.

What term is maximum for the seller to be liable after house sale in Texas?

After the transaction, the buyer assumes responsibility for the house’s issues and the home seller’s liability ends. However, instances of fraud are exceptions. In Texas, the statute of limitations is 4 years. Simply put, a seller who does not disclose all known problems and deceives the buyer is at risk for a long and expensive legal battle if the claim is filed within the 4 year period.

What problems do I have to disclose before selling my San Antonio property?

Texas law means any property defects including termites, asbestos, structural damage, needed foundation repair, and similar issues must be declared. Should the seller fail to disclose all known defects, the buyer can bring a lawsuit against the seller.

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